Services is an Artificial Intelligence and Big Data based cloud system aimed for discovery of life science products end user’s contact information and product use patterns. reads and systematizes information from the published peer-reviewed articles, patent databases and conference portals, looking for a products of interests, and summarizing/ extracting user’s information.

We are utilizing the Big Data and AI (Artificial Intelligence) to systemize all available data and build the next generation of products which will bring the life science sales and marketing to a completely new level.

As a result we have the potential to significantly save time spent on leads identification and prospecting by providing marketing and sales teams with accurate contacts list matched by actual product usage. This system will dramatically increase productivity and lower the cost of marketing and sales, as Identifying the right prospects/targets will take only a fraction of a time used by any other method.

The Client dashboard

We are analyzing millions of scientific publications, conference proceedings/abstracts and patent databases and utilizing AI (Artificial Intelligence) to be able to find end users of your exact product. All contacts we provide are collected from public sources and are double checked for accuracy

  • Discover exact end users of the product with up-to-date emails, institutions and addresses which can easily generate a mailing list.
  • Narrow the list of end users by location or product application (any keyword).
  • Prioritize contacts by the number of citations or the time of the last relevant publication.
  • Generate highly targeted mailing list which you can use to: identify your or your competitors products’ end users; show recognition to the end users; run marketing and sales campaigns; build loyalty; and much, much more.
  • Only users who have actually used and published with particular products will be included in the mailing list.

Product Citations Widget

Bring your online sales to new level with our easily integratable widget.

  • Provides up-to-date social proof of product use in a form of a list of the peer reviewed references and summarized information including images, thus enabling the prospective customer browsing for a products to make informed decision about purchasing.
  • Includes amazing features such as, fast figures preview and summarization, allows you to see research results obtained using particular products in seconds instead of reading the full article.
  • Allows filtering of references by keyword (product application)

Generate your leads now and experience an increase in your work efficiency!