About us

Founders of Labratfinder.com have multi-years experiences in life science product marketing and sales and in building marketing, analytics and monitoring AI/Big Data information systems. We have experienced from the first hand the struggle of identification of the right end users for life science reagents, kits and equipment. Most of the time, especially for the reagents and kits, the companies have no idea who the end user is, as all of the info on purchase order is from institutional purchasing departments and delivering is usually done to the receiving department or warehouse. During our tenures in life science industry, we used several methods of tracking the end users. Firstly, we reviewed many peer reviewed publications and conference proceedings, and patent applications to identify individual scientists and technicians at the particular institutions who actually use our product, and extract their content informations manually. Secondly, we identified potential customers/products users by identifying the individuals who use the competitors products or workflows, so they can be effectively targeted.

Our proven methodology is now transformed into an automated A.I./Big Data system which we brought to you as the labratfinder.com. What took us hundreds of hours of manual labor to create single mailing list in the past, can now be done with a few clicks with the labratfinder.com.


Prof. Miodrag “Mickey” Micic

Sc.D, Ph.D., M.T.M
Mickey is the Chief Marketing Officer of MP Biomedicals LLC, Santa Ana, CA. and the Department Chairman and Professor of Engineering Design Technology at Cerritos College, Norwalk, CA. His research interests include: medical devices, life science instrumentation, and biophysical chemistry. He is an author and/or co-author of 75 publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals with over 2000 citations. Professor Miodrag Micic holds a Ph.D. and M.S. in chemistry from University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL; Masters in Technology Management from Washington State University, WA; and Sc.D., M.S. and BS. degrees from the University of Belgrade, Serbia, and he is also the FAA certified commercial pilot and certified flight instructor.

Anatoly “Tony” Noskov

Tony is serial entrepreneur, founder and CEO of several IT startups, with latest experience in social media monitoring and analytics services. He has extensive experience in web applications, Big Data and AI products development management. CEO of social media monitoring and analytics service Snoopreport. Tony graduated from the Kostroma State Technological University with a Master degree in Computer Science.

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