Discover true end users of life science products enables life science products marketing and sales teams to create mailing lists of true end users of specific life science products by A.I. enabled analysis of peer reviewed publications. Our goal is to significantly reduce costs of marketing and sales of life sciences products such as reagents, kits and equipment and at the same time reduce SPAM and printed mail pollution. This platform has the potential to save billions of dollars annually across the industry, across the globe.

About Labratfinder

Our products are aimed to generate highly targeted and qualified leads, thus dramatically increasing marketing and sales efficiency.

Imagine researchers getting offers only for the specific products they are interested in right now, resulting in:

Putting the right people at the right place in contacts! Forget prospecting!Practically every lead is your qualified prospect!

Saving money and time by helping marketing and sales teams to stay focused on qualified leads

Getting you the real-time information on how and where targeted products are used!

No mailing of useless catalogs, spam letters and offers of irrelevant products

Imagine, how much more your team can do by spending 100% of their time actually communicating with the right potential customers.


Services reads and systematizes information from the published peer-reviewed articles, patent databases and conference portals, looking for a products of interests, and summarizing/ extracting user’s information.

End Users Mailing List

Create a mailing lists of end users of yours or your competitor's products, filtered by product applications and geography.


Product Citations Widget

Enhance your company’s online store with up-to-date product use and citation information.


Power Leads (Smart Leads)

Further narrow your channels by filtering only users who have funding granted by matching authors and institutions with public grant sources information.

Product adoption graph

Revolutionary tool which presents you with a complete picture of evolution of product adoption, thus identifying early adopters, product evangelicals and channels through which product information proliferated in the scientific community.

Our team

Founders of have multi-years experiences in life science product marketing and sales and in building marketing, analytics and monitoring AI/Big Data information systems…


Generate your leads now and experience an increase in your work efficiency!